• IDR 5,000.00 ~ 5,000.00
  • エグゼクティブ (経営者、経営幹部層、部長職)
  • インドネシア - ジャカルタ市内
  • 日系IT・通信会社

    • Experience in managing teams, hiring/firing, able to assist with closing big deals for enterprise customers.
    • Experience in technical services; servers and networking in particular, with Cloud experience a bonus.
    • Ability to suggest new services or changes to current services to meet the needs to the Indonesian market.
    • Ability to implement new services released at HQ or other markets.
    • Proven leadership skills.
    • Ability to provide clear and concise reporting on sales & activities weekly to CEO.
    • Driven by targets for new sales

    【性別】男女 【年齢】45歳ぐらいまで 【言語】英語ビジネスレベル

    USD 5.000グロス*IDR固定レートでの支払い

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