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  • 外資系/香料開発ポジション。 多国籍な環境で活躍できるチャンス! 香料エンジニアの方、是非ご応募ください!

    【JAC シンガポール求人 Job Reference ID:HM 50523 】

    Job Responsibilities

    ・Successful candidate will undergo a comprehensive 1-2 years' perfumery program that includes a detailed understanding of the fundamental science and technology of perfumery and formulation strategies

    ・Solve technical challenges typically encountered during creation of fragrance for products

    ・Generate and interpret data that will help to develop fragrances, solve problems, and make discoveries and connections against project needs and problem resolution.

    ・Apply fragrance development methods to meet project/category needs, leveraging fundamental formulation models and mechanistic understanding

    ・Develop cross-functional networking skills for reapplying knowledge (methods, perfume, technology) across categories


    ・Trainee Perfumer, Perfumer in Training or an Experienced Perfumer

    ・Strong technical/scientific rigor - Hold a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree in Science or Engineering with a strong aptitude for chemistry or related areas

    ・Relevant experience in the Fabric Care business category will be an advantage

    ・Fluent Japanese skill to liaise with Japan entity

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