Supply Chain Manager for Japanese electronics company 【VN1051】

  • USD 1,500.00 - 1,500.00
  • 物流・サプライチェーン
  • 生産管理・在庫管理; サプライチェーンマネジメント
  • 電気 / 電子部品
  • ベトナム - ホーチミン近郊
  • Electronic/Production

    I. Material schedule control (and customer contact window in English)

    • To attend phone conference with customer about delivery plan (in English)

    • To arrange meeting memo in English of the phone conference

    • To check/report material control status based on material control chart

    • In case of quality issue, check/report delivery impact to customer,

    • Request vendor for material recovery plan in parallel.

    II. Material schedule control (co-ordination with internal departments in Japan)

    • To check necessary material qty/schedule with production control dept.

    • To control vendor material delivery, based on 1)

    • When customer demand updated/changed, adjust material demand qty/schedule;

    • In case of quality issue, check delivery impact to customer, as well as recovery plan negotiation with vendor;

    • To control material inventory level, and adjust vendor delivery qty/schedule to keep adequate inventory level.

    III. Report arrangement

    • To update material control chart;

    • When customer demand updated/changed, update material forecast and share with customers;

    • If required, arrange daily based material inventory control chart, against latest production input plan.

    • Phone communications

    • To answer phone calls from customer in English

    • Education Degree: BA

    • Japanese skill, N1 level or native Japanese

    • Good English skill (TOEIC score 700 or higher), mandatory

    • Experience of purchasing and/ or production control, preferable;

    • Knowledge on International trading;

    • Microsoft Windows capable (especially Excel formula), mandatory;

    • Can work under high pressure, dedicated, honest…

    • Rather generalist than specialist, who can coordinate inter-department communications.

    ≪Salary≫ Negotiable

    Skype, その他 ()
  • Position Closed